our consultation policy

new clients, start here.

To ethically help you reach your skincare goals, we have to start off on the right foot!  This is why we require new clients (and clients who we haven't had within 6 months) to schedule a consultation before anything.  In this 30-minute appointment (virtual or in-person), we will assess your skin, concerns and goals to create an at-home and in-office treatment plan just for you.

We offer two types of consultations, both virtually and in-person:
1) To create a results-driven homecare regimen
2) To create a results-driven homecare regimen plus in-office treatment plan

Please note: Consultations are paid in full upon booking and are non-refundable.  You will be emailed an intake form to complete and pay your deposit.  You have 48 hours to complete this in order to have your consultation request accepted.


how to prepare for your visit

No Makeup

Arrive with a makeup-free face and absolutely no mascara on - seriously!  Arriving with makeup on will take time away from your consultation or treatment, and let's be honest...do you really want to spend your valuable appointment time by having us remove your makeup? Come prepared.


Take inventory of the products you have at home and know your brands!  We will do a check-in at each appointment to adjust things to keep your regimen on track.
If you are coming in for a consultation, we will revamp your entire home-care regimen! So bring a list or photo of what you currently use.


Coming in for a treatment? Make sure to review all aftercare protocols to ensure you are not breaking any rules.  We have each client sign a waiver that they understand the aftercare protocol, it is your responsibility!
We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, so be proactive if you have a conflict.

Open Minded

Trust your professionals and let us do the work for you!  We know how products and ingredients work, so give our suggestions a shot!  Though you might want a specific service, your skincare professional has the right to suggest otherwise based on your skin analysis.  We vow to recommend only the best for your skin!


frequently asked questions