about our medical director

courtney leigh np

courtney mcneil, np

Medical Director of Live by Skin

Courtney Leigh McNeil, NP practices as the medical director and in-house Nurse Practitioner of Live by Skin.  Courtney has been practicing medicine for 7 years and received her degrees from Simmon's University.  Courtney resides as a full time Nurse Practitioner, providing excellent patient care in Boston, Massachusetts.

With a love for aesthetics and and eye for natural-enhancments, Courtney trained at the renowned Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics to receive a multitiude of certificates in aesthetic medicine.  Courtney's keen eye for aesthetics, and mindful and ethical approach, aligns with Live by Skin's piliosophy.

To schedule an injectable treatment or consultation with Courtney, please schedule online HERE.

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