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Thank you so much for applying for our Beta Virtual Acne Bootcamp!
I am so excited to launch this program and appreciate you applying to be one of the first to try it out!  I have been spending the past few weeks perfecting the program and I am SO excited to do this with you.
Please read this email to learn about the Beta version of this program, and if you are still interested, send me an email so we can get you started!  Replies are due by July 22nd, so make sure to decide by then if you are interested!
What it is: A 3-month virtual program to help control acne through an entirely revamped home regimen, and lifestyle coaching.
When does it start?: All initial virtual meetings will be held the morning of August 5th.  You will pay a deposit at the bottom of this email, and from there we will email you a link to pick your 30-minute onboarding call!
What is the cost?: The cost of the sessions are FREE for the Beta program only.  You are responsible for the full cost of all homecare products and shipping charges.  Prices per products vary.
When are the virtual calls?: Virtual check-in phone calls are each 15 minutes and are held bi-weekly on Friday mornings.
What can I expect?: If you follow our regimen to a T, follow our lifestyle suggestions and stay committed, you can expect to be clear in as little as 12 weeks.  Sometimes it may take longer, but we will cross that bridge if we get there!
What can I expect after the program?:  You will want to remain on your acne-controlling regimen for at least 6 months after becoming clear.  We can schedule monthly, or bi-monthly check-in’s after your beta program is up to ensure you are staying on track!
Is there a deposit required?:  All initial calls for our Beta Virtual Acne Bootcamp will require a $50 deposit that will go towards your initial product purchase.  This is non-refundable and non-transferrable should you reschedule your call with less than 49-hours notice.  Deposits are due on or before July 22nd, 2022.