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Choose from our menu of Signature Facials or Clinical Skin Treatments.

We offer two types of skin care appointments at Live by Skin: Signature Facials and Clinical Skin Treatments. Both equally as relaxing and results driven, but with different experiences and expectations.

signature facials

If you are looking for a relaxing, hour+ long facial with luxurious scents, blissful finishing masks, and massage, our Signature Facials are for you. Signature Facials are carefully curated with plant-based products to guide you toward your desired skin care goals. Our treatments are able to treat all skin types, and aid in a multitude of skin conditions. Each signature facial is an hour to an hour and a half long, and you will enjoy a fresh, cloud-like, heated bed, and an entirely customized traditional facial. Click the button below to browse our Signature Facial Menu.

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clinical skin care

Each clinical skin treatment is no longer than 30 minutes (you don’t even have to change!). There are varying periods of downtime for each clinical skin treatment (i.e. skin flaking, redness, peeling), however, these treatments bring clients accelerated results. In order to qualify for our clinical treatments, clients must follow a supplemental home care regimen to ensure the best results. Click the button below to learn about our clinical skin treatments.

Clinical Skin Treatment Menu

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