chemical peels

schedule every 2-4 weeks

the lunchtime treatment

even skin tone | acne | anti-aging

home-care policy

our in-clinic treatments are heavily dependent on what you're doing at home.  live by skin offers top of the line skincare products to ensure your investment is worth it.


dedication required

peels must be completed in a series of 4+ treatments that are even spaced apart 2-4 weeks to see results.  if you are unable to commit to this timeline, we recommend scheduling facials instead.

hear from our participants


12 week treatment | grade 3 inflamed acne


12 week treatment | grade 2 non-inflamed acne


12 week treatment | acne rosacea


12 week treatment | grade 4 inflamed & non-inflamed acne

Lactic-Acid Pregnancy Peel

30 minutes. Very mild flaking.

Cranberry No-Peel Peel

Includes dermaplaning, LED, oxygen infusion.
45 minutes, $215

Acne & Hyperpigmentation

20 minutes. Mild to moderate peeling.